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7 Days Summer 2013   
Working site for '7 Days' SJ Ingram due for release through Taylor Street Publishing, San Francisco Summer 2013
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A Demon's Destiny   
A place where demons dwell and fear surrounds, a dark place, a creepy place, a place where evil feels at home.
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Absolute Terror   
Dark and gruesome, spooky or scary Absolute Terror intends to bring together absolutely the best horror sites on the Net for you in our Top Site List. Drop by and visit the sites or just come along and add your own URL. All visits to your site count on our List!
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Adopt A Demon   
A Hell of a great place to adopt your very own demon! Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today.
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Adopt A Nytemare   
Ever wondered what happens to nightmare creatures when you wake up?
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The evil aliens, known long ago as faeries, goblins, gnomes, elves, trolls, sucubi, incubi, satan's minions, etc., all are one and the same. demons and devils they are, in their ufos, and great big ships. Underground and on our Moon.
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Dark Quatrains   
recently discovered dark quatrains of Legion the demon of chaos
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Darren Shan's web site   
Official web site for Darren Shan, author of "Cirque Du Freak" and "The Demonata". Darren's books revolve around vampires and demons. Universal are currently working on a film of "Cirque Du Freak".
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Delaware Valley Demonology Research   
We Investigate Paranromal , Demonic , Diabolical & Occult Activity in the Delaware Valley Area. We work with Clergy of all Religious Denominations to rid your problems with Demons , Devils , MIn-Human Spirits , Malevolent Spirits , Poltergeists and all other forms of Evil. The Director, Lou Gentile hosts a Radio Talk Show in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that deals with the above theme and has Top Guests in this kind of research.
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Deliverance from Demon Possession   
A true story of a person's face to face encounter and experience with demons and demon possession. Incredible true life story. Not for the faint hearted! Ends with a message of great hope.
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