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Nightmare House - An Online Haunted House   
An online haunted house with short ghost stories, ghost videos and hours of scary fun. If you like short scary stories, scary online games and enjoy horror movies, this site is for you.
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Based in Dublin, Ireland, this is a personal site for me to share my experiences, arrange investigations, and post up anything interesting we come across along the way. Even though I have experienced happenings since I was very young, I have only in the last few years really started to focus on what I may or may not have been experiencing. The Paranormal Community is really beginning to take off in Ireland, with a gradual acceptance that there is more out there than many people would like to admit.
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A Ghostly Guide to Washington and Oregon   
True ghost stories from the Pacific Northwest by author and archaeologist Jefferson Davis. Tales from Washington and Oregon, links and regional map of haunts.
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A.P.A.R.T of Washington   
We assist in helping, comforting and educating those who do not understand, or may be frightened by, the events happening around them. We will use any and all resources available to our team in the best scientific manner possible. Only recently in history have scientist begun to develop equipment that can aid in the detection and gathering of tangible evidence in the wide range of paranormal activities. We cannot provide a guarantee that we will find evidence during our investigation with you. We may investigate your home without any evidence documented while we are there. We will be honest with you in telling you so. We will not falsify evidence, present falsified evidence, or agree with falsified findings. However, in the event that we do document something questionable, we will provide you with all evidence gathered while working for you. We first will attempt to rule out anything human or environmental that can cause an explained affects for the happenings you are experiencing.
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Adsagsona Paranormal Society   
Founded in September 2003, the Adsagsona Paranormal Society (APS) is physically based in Nashville, Tennessee, but extends its membership internationally via the World Wide Web, with membership consisting of everyday people from all walks of life who share a few common goals. The APSís goals are to investigate ghosts and hauntings in order to gather evidence of the existence of life beyond the physical realm and extending into the spiritual, to offer paranormal education to the public, to assist others with spirit presences in their lives, and to further paranormal research as an acceptable scientific endeavor. We practice and teach tolerance. Our Website features articles on ghosts and other paranormal subjects as well as listings of haunted places around the nation.
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Adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle: I Want to Believe   
One geek's humorous adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle - Massachusetts premier paranormal hotspot. Topics include a are not limited to: Ghosts, UFOs, crypto zoology, ESP, psychic phenomena, Bigfoot and other oddities. Come here and share your stories and experiences in haunted New England!
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A.G.H.O.S.T. is the most advanced technical paranormal research group in the Pacific Northwest. During paranormal investigations, our team combines hi-tech equipment with qualified psychics, research and training for successful results. We work with the basic investigative tools such as cameras (35 mm and digital), audio and video recording devices, and EMF detectors, as well as the most advanced computerized surveillance equipment including infrared motion sensor cameras. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility. AGHOST has earned the respect of some of the most important names in the paranormal field.
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Alamo City Ghost Tours   
San Antonio and Texas Ghost Tours ghost stories about San Antonio Texas. Walk through Graveyards and ride in your Own Private Limo.San Antonio ghost tours,Texas ghost tours,ghost and graveyard tours,walking tours,,true ghost stories
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Alien Pictures, Animal Spirit Photos, Real Ghost Photographs   
The ghost photographs feature ghost apparitions, animal ghosts, ghost faces, and an unknown ghost creature. Also see unknown floating objects and aliens. I took the ghost photographs after experiencing ghost activity. The enlargements provide a lot of detail.
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alMost Haunted   
Unusual ghost photographs
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