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Abysmal Grief Official Website   
Official website of Italian Horror Metal Band Abysmal Grief, full of photos of ancient graveyards and links to mournful sites.
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Hundreds of cemetery photographs from graveyards all over the world.
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Amanda Norman Photography   
Collection of photographs featuring old English graves and scenery.
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Association for Gravestone Studies   
Are you wondering why anyone would want to study gravestones? And are you amazed that more than 1200 people have joined our association? I believe the answer is the changing American attitude toward preserving our history. We've always honored great individuals and great moments in our history: we saved Mount Vernon in 1853 and every year celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But in the closing years of the twentieth century we came to realize that our history should include the lives of ordinary people and ordinary events as well.
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Bad Spirits   
Two relic hunters accidentally uncover the grave of an indian medicine man on a secluded island, releasing an ancient curse. "Bad Spirits" stars Albert Campillo, Adrian Campos, and Amedeo Falgiatore. Produced by Migdalia Etheridge, Written and Directed by Ray Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation. Running time 74-minutes.
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Cemeteries & Death at Morticia's Morgue   
Lots of original high resolution cemetery photos from graveyards in New Orleans and Houston, Texas. Angels, tombstones, tombs & crypts. Victorian mourning and post-mortem images and cards, info on related books and other death and cemetery sites.
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Cemetery Gates   
Gallery of cemeteries all over the world; works are user submitted for viewing.
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Chapel of the Dawn   
Abandoned places, Haunts, and Graveyards of North East Ohio and Western PA. Temporary URL
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Unusual or simply beautiful. Photo tour of cemetery art and statues in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Dark Revelations   
Dark Revelations a Community, for those interested in the paranormal, urban exploration, supernatural or anything strange or unusual. Create a profile, Instant messaging, Create your group, upload videos, audio and share stories. Join the Dark Revelations Community at
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