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Home Of The Necromancers   
Home Of Necromancer: Magi Omaris Sr. Come, we shall raise an Army of undeads, and rule. Learn Spell Casting and Chants.
(modified: 29-Jun-2002 + 2289)

Jan's Courtyard   
spooky stories in the haunted Graveyard
(modified: 23-Apr-2000 + 2104)

Rediscovering the lost and forgotten cemeteries of Southern Indiana. The site includes photos, videos, burial listings and directions to find the cemeteries. Also includes a paranormal section.
(modified: 18-Apr-2007 + 1706)

Mausoeum Photos   
Victorian era mausoleums, above ground granite vaults, all photographed in high resolution detail. If cemetary pics, cemetary photos, or cemetary art is your thing you'll find something pleasantly unpleasant here.
(modified: 4-Apr-2005 + 1279)

Mayhem's Graveyard Calendar   
The Mayhemís Graveyard Calendar 2009, features photography by artistic photographer Adam Mayhem. Adam Mayhem captures the essence of life and death in this collection of some of his finest work. Adam has traveled to several graveyards in the United States and captures their elegance, history and mystery in this beautiful and somewhat macabre assortment.
(modified: 14-Dec-2008 + 512)

A site that includes info on haunted cemeteries,haunted houses,dudleytown,exorcism,ghosts,psychic photos,evp and my own experiences with the paranormal.
(modified: 18-Jul-2003 + 4237)

North East Paranormal Research   
We are a none profit making North East Paranormal Research group, who have restarted after a 10 year absence. We are looking for people interested in the paranormal to join us, on our site, and also on investigations.
(modified: 11-Feb-2007 + 707)

Northstar Gallery of Cemetery and Memorial Art   
The Northstar Photography Gallery presents a collection of sensuous, fine art Pere Lachaise Cemetery Photography & Photosphotos & photographs of cemetery and memorial art from around the world.
(modified: 22-Sep-2008 + 381)

Palermo Catacombs Corpse Page   
View corpses as they are today in these eerie catacombs in Palermo Italy where the dead are literally "hanging around"!
(modified: 6-Feb-2013 + 7970)

Russian Cemetery Collection   
Collection of photos from Russian (Moscow/St. Petersburg) cemeteries.
(modified: 23-May-2000 + 1940)

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