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Haunted Houses in Arkansas

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in Lowell, Conway, Jacksonville, Gentry, Garner, Piggott, Cabot, Little Rock, Bentonvelle, Malvern and other areas throughout Arkansas.

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The Asylum Haunted House haunted attraction Lowell Arkansas
Haunted Houses in Lowell Arkansas : The Asylum Haunted House in Lowell Arkansas
Two haunted houses in the same building. Each will be approximately 4000 sq ft, and they have completely different themes. They are designed to leave you trembling with fear, screaming for help, wanting to run, but overcome with the desire to only move forward.
Should you soil yourself, we will celebrate.
It is why you came, It is why we exist.

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Creepy Works haunted attraction Conway Arkansas
Haunted Houses in Conway Arkansas : Creepy Works in Conway Arkansas
Creepy Works haunted attraction provides a whole host of southern inhospitality. Once inside you will be drawn into depths where you will lose control of rational thought and calmness as panic and fear overload your senses and abilities. Creepy Works strives to provide realism to draw in and distort a persons psyche. You will be looking to leave just as quickly as you enter.

Creepy Works is staffed by seasoned haunt enthusiasts who's only desire is for you to have a frightening experience. One of the most common questions we receive is "How long does it last?" I can tell you that the effects are residual and will gradually wear off, but you will remember for a lifetime. You will not forget!

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3-D Fear Factory 501 haunted attraction Jacksonville Arkansas
Two haunted houses for one price. Featuring Skullys 3-D Playhouse and Fear Factory 501. Come get some open
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Carpenter's Mortuary haunted attraction Gentry Arkansas
Carpenter's Mortuary in Gentry, Arkansas is one of the only haunted attractions in America that's inside a REAL ABANDONED MORTUARY! "It was to be one of the finest retail establishments in Benton County. The Carpenter brothers planned to offer the usual: groceries, dry goods, furniture. But, there were other ways to make money... To the back of the building they added what they called a "state of the art" mortuary. It promised full undertaking services, a chapel, modern embalming equipment. The structure would take up nearly an entire city block. By the Fall of 1929, work on the impressive building was complete. The grand opening was held in October, but only days afterward, Wall Street’s crash ushered in the Great Depression. Sales plummeted. The store fell into disrepair. As years passed, only one of the their original business ventures continued to thrive: The Mortuary. Poverty and malnutrition in rural Gentry guaranteed a steady flow of bodies. Many families couldn't afford a funeral, however. So, in order to pay the bills, the Carpenters resorted to ghoulish tactics: They began to harvest body parts--organs and limbs--and sell them on the black market. Then, out of a need for further income and a desire to fill the spaces of their mostly empty building, the Carpenters agreed to house overflow patients from the state’s crowded lunatic asylum. This would be the brothers' first step on an even darker path. Most of the asylum patients had been dumped in the Carpenters' care to be forgotten, so the brothers began to chop them up, even the living ones, and sell the pieces, one by one. During the next decade, fueled by greed and a lust for violence, the Carpenter brothers committed torture and murder on an unbelievable scale. In 1940, police discovered the atrocities. The brothers were arrested, tried, and executed. Now, the souls of their victims haunt the old building... seeking revenge."
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GARNER annual Haunted House haunted attraction Garner Arkansas
Arkansas Haunted House SCARED Corn Maze Clown Room Chain Saws Concessions Affordable
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Horror in the Hollow haunted attraction Piggott Arkansas
Northeast Arkansas Scariest Haunted Attraction. 3 horrific haunted attractions. 15 years of scaring the yell out of you!
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Meatgrinder Haunted House haunted attraction Cabot Arkansas
Arkansas' s newest, baddest haunted house! No guides, no goofy animatronics, no silly backstory. We're only selling one thing:pure, uncivilized, brutal FEAR! Come get some! No children under 13. Half price with military or federal government ID. Indoor waiting area.
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Night Terrors 13 Haunted House haunted attraction Little Rock Arkansas
NIGHT TERRORS 13 HAUNTED HOUSE CENTRAL ARKANSAS # 1 SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE 2014 Night Terrors 13 Haunted House Located behind Colonial Wine & Spirits Prepare yourself to be submerged into the most  Horrific and goriest Haunted house you have ever encountered . Once you Enter you will be begging to be let out . With a massive 18.000 Square ft of Abandoned Abyss . We have Hollywood quality costumes and special effects that are sure to have you Screaming . So Scream all you want because  No one will hear you  call 501-398-FEAR) 3327) for more traumatizing information .  Now you will know why you are afraid of the Dark  Because this October we are what you F.E.A.R
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Nightmare's Haunted Haous haunted attraction Bentonvelle Arkansas
Nightmares Haunted House is a non profit charity for the Bentonville Breakfast Lions club and has been haunting NWA for almost 30 years now. 2 attractions for the price of one. We occupy over 10,000 sqr. feet to bring your Nightmares to life Plus our signature attraction "The Phantom 13" bus ride, now with Maximum Terror Drive. For more info visit our website at http://nightmareshauntedhouse.org
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READ Haunted House haunted attraction Malvern Arkansas
See 8,000 square feet of more ghosts, ghouls and goblins than you can shake a stake at! Come share a scare as we terrorize the town for a good cause. Proceeds benefit LCHSC, Inc., a non-profit that helps people with reading skills using one-to-one instruction at no cost.
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