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Haunted Houses in California

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in South Pasadena, San Leandro, Sacramento, Apple Valley, Roseville, Concord, Mountain View, Murrieta, El Dorado Hills and other areas throughout California.

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Evil Twin Studios WARD 13 Haunted Attraction haunted house in South Pasadena California
Haunted Houses in South Pasadena California : Evil Twin Studios WARD 13 Haunted Attraction in South Pasadena California
Evil Twin Studios' 2015 haunted attraction will make nightmares come true at a new location in South Pasadena. This Halloween season, sanity comes to die at WARD 13.

Dates: October 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31
Location: 1020 El Centro Street, South Pasadena, CA
Hours: 7:00 - 11:00 PM
Tickets: $15 online / $17 at the door

There have always been dark rumors about the Raymond Hill Sanitarium, but the most disturbing ones center around an undocumented area for the most violent patients where experimentation took precedence over finding a cure. For the residents of the sanitarium, there was one thing they all feared more than death...WARD 13.

Visit the Evil Twin Studios website (www.eviltwinstudios.com) for more information & tickets.
Proceeds from Evil Twin Studios WARD 13 benefit the South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF).

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Fear Overload Scream Park - SF Bay Area haunted house in San Leandro California
Haunted Houses in San Leandro California : Fear Overload Scream Park - SF Bay Area in San Leandro California
Fear Overload Scream Park is the SF Bay Area's most horrifying haunted house scream park. Voted scariest in California by HauntWorld. This year, Fear Overload offers 2 outrageous haunted houses and live horror entertainment.
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Slipknot's Scream Park - Sacramento haunted house in Sacramento California
Haunted Houses in Sacramento California : Slipknot's Scream Park - Sacramento in Sacramento California
Slipknot's Scream Park in Sacramento, California. Featuring 3 outrageous haunted houses, produced by the International Metal Band, Slipknot. Named 'Best in the West' by Forbes. Don't miss the ultimate haunted house event.
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All Saints Lunatic Asylum haunted house in Apple Valley California
Nearly 50 years ago, All Saints Lunatic Asylum, a one time state of the art mental health facility, lost funding and was forced to close its doors. Patients unable to leave, Doctors with nowhere to go, the once cutting edge mental health facility fell into obscurity. Now for the first time in half a century, you will for a limited time be able to tour this forsaken facility. The current owner Ms. Collins has been gracious enough to allow the public in to tour during her vigorous restoration of the building having fallen into desperate disrepair.... This haunted attraction is not recommend for pregnant women, children under 10, and the faint of heart! Dont miss Southern California's most innovative and terrifying haunted attraction experience!! Our haunt is built and acted in by over 40 volunteers, just for the sole purpose of providing a high quality halloween experience. All donations go to improving the haunt the following year unless it is a fundraiser night in which case signs will be posted. 23275 Ramona Ave. Apple Valley, Ca Every Friday and Saturday in October and Halloween night. 7-10 pm Visit us on Facebook: All Saints Lunatic Asylum - Haunted Attraction (for regular updates, photos and more) ASLA is a haunted attraction designed for entertainment purposes. Content is fictional. Any similiarities to actual people, places or situations is purely coincidental.
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Callson Manor Haunted House haunted house in Roseville California
GET BIT! at Callson Manor Haunted House. The most extreme Haunted House Theme Park in Sacramento! Owned by both a Hollywood filmmaker and a Special FX engineer, Callson Manor is like stepping into a horror film! Brave the backlot Ghost Town MODOC, Zombie Paintball and all 8 terrifying haunted attractions. Enjoy Fire Dancer Performances by Obsidian Butterfly, taste the delicious flavors of Bubba's BBQ and Addictive Sauces Hot Sauce, and visit our local Ghost Posse all in the Haunted Courtyard. Callson Manor Haunted House is hidden deep within Roseville at the Placer County Fairgrounds.

Get bit by the excitement, get bit by the fear. Callson Manor Haunted House, GET BIT!

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Cursi House of Screams haunted house in Concord California
The Cursi House of Screams in it's 14th year,welcomes all ages; however not recommended for small children under 5. Strobe lights, smoke and sudden spooks are not the only things to be afraid of. For the faint of heart a less haunting experience can be arranged. Cursi House of Screams is a family and friend run Haunted House. It's free, but we do appreciate donations.
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DC Cemetery haunted house in Mountain View California
The DC Cemetery is a "home haunt" that resides in the heart of the Old Mountain View neighborhood that is designed with the residents of Mountain View and its surrounding communities in mind. Over the years we've concocted a haunt that is fun and bone chilling for all age groups. We also like to think that our efforts aid in the progression of Halloween, and hopefully our actions will spread onto others, so they too can provide a safe element for all kids (and adults) to enjoy. The DC Cemetery has recently become one of the most elaborate and complex haunted house displays in America, gaining consistent media attention and in 2007 nationwide exposure. The haunt is so elaborate that they were the winners of FEARnet.com’s 2007 Scariest Home Haunted House contest, flown to New York City, and presented with a $50,000.00 check live on NBC’s Today Show.
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Evil Haunt haunted house in Murrieta California
A tiny house in Murrieta, CA is possessed by an ancient evil that obeys most of the year and stays locked with the confines of its walls, a temporary veil between the dead and the living. But once a year on Halloween night, the evil trapped in purgatory escapes to feed on the young blood of innocents walking the streets looking for a treat. What's the only way to keep these rotting flesh eaters from plaguing the rest of the world? Trick, and, or, Treat. Victims are invited through the portal of evil, haunted with apparitions, poisonous spider webs, hanging dead bodies, dead brides to be, intestine hungry zombies, escaped mental patients, scary grandmas, and more ravenous souls -- all of which are looking for some new blood. Enter if you dare, it's only candy.
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Fatal Mentality
Fatal Mentality is a mind blowing fear induced experience like no other, local to the bay area. Special effects, computer animated props and more. Fatal Mentality is known for its high detail and entertainment values. Check out the Fatal Mentality Haunted House This October. For Location and other information check out the website.
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FOREST OF LOST SOULS HAUNTED HOUSE haunted house in El Dorado Hills California
Forest Of Lost Souls was Voted one of the most Intense and Scariest Haunted House / Home Haunts in the Sacramento area. Visit our website for the most current information at www.forestoflostsouls.com
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