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Haunted Houses in Kentucky

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in Eastview, Louisville, Hustonville, Horse Cave, Harrodsburg, Lexington and other areas throughout Kentucky.

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Sinister Tombs Haunted House haunted attraction Eastview Kentucky
Haunted Houses in Eastview Kentucky : Sinister Tombs Haunted House in Eastview Kentucky
Old School Haunted House actor based with loads of in your face scares, you will make your own fate, good or bad, the choice is yours. You will venture through haunted woods, across dead mans bridge to the endless cemetary, were the living do not usually live to pass.

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Cobb's Haunt haunted attraction Louisville Kentucky
Haunted Houses in Louisville Kentucky : Cobb's Haunt in Louisville Kentucky
A 11 Acre Haunted Corn Maze less then 30 minutes from downtown Louisville!
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The Devils Attic haunted attraction Louisville Kentucky
Come and Live the Nightmare at One of Louisvilles Top Rated Haunted Attractions…..check out our reviews and awards at: http://thedevilsattic.com/darknessfalls/?page_id=60
The Story: “Since the dawn of time, The Devil has been collecting evil souls…souls that have brought terror to us all. He keeps them locked away in The Devil’s Attic where they have been waiting for centuries…waiting to unleash their hellish fury…and now the time has come! Come prepared to face pure evil as we welcome you to The Devil’s Attic!”

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Asylum Haunted House haunted attraction Hustonville Kentucky
Visit www.hustonville.com for all details!!
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Cave Of FEAR haunted attraction Horse Cave Kentucky
The ONLY underground haunt in the United States, where the scare is below the surface of your everyday life. Many souls have entered and been lost and they haunt all those who enter. Do not worry if you do not make it out alive, you will already be 6 feet under, actually more than 150 feet, where no one will hear you scream!!! There is only one way out and no one has ever made it before.
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Danger Run
The Danger Run, located in Louisville, Kentucky and in Southern Indiana, is America's largest "Haunted Road Rally". Participants compete not by speed, but by solving clues to find haunted houses we've hidden along the way. An award of $5,000 goes to the team completing the route with the most accurate mileage. Play a demo version for free at our website. Just follow the link for "Test Drive".
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Darkness Falls on Asylum
Louisville' only interactive haunted forest. If it scares you shoot it. We supply paintballs, paintball guns and the horror, you supply the screams. You shoot the gouls, the gouls don't shoot you!
modified: 10-Sep-2008 pbasylum.com Premium listing upgrade for: Darkness Falls on Asylum Edit listing for  haunted house : Darkness Falls on Asylum

Devine's Corn Maze haunted attraction Harrodsburg Kentucky
Welcome to the Devine's! We would like to invite you, your family, and friends to come and spend an afternoon or evening with us! Come enjoy getting lost and found in our corn maze! Use your intuition to work your way through the winding paths to get to the end. You will have loads of fun! Bring the kids along and let them experience the Kiddie corn maze, hay maze, rope maze, straw crawl, giant slide,petting area, pumpkin picking, and nightime bonfire with free marshmallow roasting! Then, if that is not enough come back the weekend of Halloween and let your nightmares come alive in our "Field of Horror"! Bring the kids for Trick or Treating.
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Hutsonville Haunted House haunted attraction Lexington Kentucky
We invite you to judge for yourself to determine what is real, and what is not while in Hustonville.
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Nightmare at Otter Creek haunted attraction Louisville Kentucky
Nightmare at Otter Creek-The Haunted House where your favorite horror movies come to life in Louisville, KY! This year we have several surprises up our sleeve. So make sure you don't miss Nightmare at Otter Creek this Halloween. It will truely be "The Greatest Show Unearthed!"
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