Ohio Haunted Houses in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield, Elyria, Columbia Station, Canton, Lordstown, Cleveland, Barberton, Middletown
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Haunted Houses in Ohio

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield, Elyria, Columbia Station, Canton, Lordstown, Cleveland, Barberton, Middletown and other areas throughout Ohio.

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Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center haunted attraction Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Haunted Houses in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio : Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Are you afraid of CLOWNS? --- You start on a horrific journey through an old abandoned FUN HOUSE. This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Many have entered, but very few have left alive. --- Then you travel deep into the WICKED WOODS, armed with only a flashlight, will you survive? --- Next you encounter the INSANE ASYLUM. We cannot control these psychopaths that now run this abandoned place! A pulsing, winding and chaotic labyrinth full of wrong turns, dead ends and terrifying psychotic inmates. --- Finally, you enter the historic FREAKSHOW in 3-D TERRORVISION. The floor, walls and every undead creature become a living 3-D experience that will leave you begging for mercy. You think you can see where the monsters hide? Think again! Prepare to be scared!

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Horror Acres haunted attraction Springfield Ohio
Haunted Houses in Springfield Ohio : Horror Acres in Springfield Ohio
Under the ominous Halloween sky, experience Horror Acres. Your adventure awaits you in the intense Panic Box Spookhouse and the never ending Haunted Corn Maze. The Panic Box offers unimaginable twisted scenes featuring the suffocating claustrophobia chamber, disorienting spinning tunnel, tainted toxic dump and the maddening chain link maze. Be prepared to be lost and confused as you guide yourself through acres of the Haunted Corn Maze. Surprises await you in a web of chaos as there is only One way in and No way out!

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Hauntville haunted attraction Elyria Ohio
Haunted Houses in Elyria Ohio : Hauntville in Elyria Ohio
Hauntville is the haunt of the year, the must see haunted house because it is the only 4D Haunted House in Ohio. The Newest way to get scared using almost all of your senses, a total body experience. 5 Mind blowing attractions. Be one of the first to experience, the thrilling new way to get scared. Zombie paintball hunt in 3D, shoot zombies. New for 2014, Butcher Barn Haunted house. Wicked Clowns in 4-D, the only 4D haunt in Ohio, the MUST SEE Haunted attraction. More extreme than ever.
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Spooky Ranch haunted attraction Columbia Station Ohio
Haunted Houses in Columbia Station Ohio : Spooky Ranch in Columbia Station Ohio
Nationally ranked one of the top haunts in country. Over 20 Years of Screams, the ultimate haunted attraction for 2014. You will scream, laugh, and be amazed…leaving you absolutely entertained! All New for 2014, The Official Bloody Mary Haunted House. Spooky Ranch is proud to obtain the only license in the United States for the exclusive Bloody Mary Haunted House, previously at Universal Studios Orlando. Spooky Ranch "Cleveland's Premiere Haunted Event" 5 Awesome Attractions. The best and most technically advanced haunted hayride and haunted attractions in the state of Ohio. The Famous Haunted Hayride, The Haunted Barn, Funny Fun House, Crazy Clowns in 3D and the New Bloody Mary's Revenge Haunted house. Come and experience the most unique and best haunted attraction in world. This will be Cleveland Ohio’s Premiere Haunted Event, being the biggest, best and scariest haunted attraction called “Bloody Mary’s Revenge.” Opening in fall of 2014, the new haunted house is jammed pack with detail and filled with the latest in special effects, Custom CGI, and custom built one of a kind actor-operated hybrid multi-motion animatronics. Folklore has it that the fear of Bloody Mary runs deep. I Dare You.
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Factory of Terror haunted attraction Canton Ohio
Haunted Houses in Canton Ohio : Factory of Terror in Canton Ohio
The Factory of Terror features 5 indoor haunted attractions located deep within an abandoned aluminum foundry. The "Asylum" begins your adventure. You will find yourself lost and terrified as you travel through" Industrial Nightmare". Continue in complete darkness in side the all new " black Maze" Come face to face with the madman responsible for the "Massacre on Mahoning" and finish your horror inside "The House of Nightmares".
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Fear Forest haunted attraction Lordstown Ohio
Haunted Houses in Lordstown Ohio : Fear Forest in Lordstown Ohio
Start your evening with a one mile ride through the 68 acres at the Fear Forest and ride through the largest VORTEX TUNNEL on the planet, drive thought the all new Butcher Barn and new Clown Barn! After your ride you will get dropped off at the all new InsaneAtarium haunted house. This is the last stop for most of the crazies living here. They will welcome you to spend some time with them while they are experimented on. Meet the wackiest doctors in the world, You will beg to get out of this building before you become the next test gunnie pig. The InsaneAtarium is NOT reccomended for children and NO child tickets are available. Enter at your own RISK!!. You can also go outside and walk through our Psycho Path trail and find some of the crazies that have been exiled from the InsaneAtarium. This year we have added a walk through corn trail where you will meet even more demented folks and leave you looking for a way out!!
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The Fear Experience haunted attraction Cleveland Ohio
The Fear Experience Haunted House is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Fear Experience has been voted #1 in Ohio by Funtober and has been declared Northeast Ohio's Premier Haunted Attraction. The Halloween haunted house features 4 award winning haunted houses at one location for one low price. When visiting the fear experience you will go through the Braxton Estate, Centralia Mental Facility, Centralia County Fair, and District 13. Each of the haunted houses at The Fear Experience features hollywood quality sets, over the top acting and theatrics by the extensively trained staff, and special effects. Not only will you get to go through all 4 haunted houses, you will also get to enjoy live entertainment in our waiting line, full service food vendors, buy merchandise to remember the night, and lastly ride in our coffin ride. At the Fear Experience you will get to experience what it is like to be buried alive in a real coffin. The buried alive coffin ride features motion, scents, sounds, and more to give you the full illusion that you are being buried alive. Th Fear Experience also features a camera in the coffin so you can watch your friends reactions while they get scared. The Fear Experience is Cleveland Ohio's most popular Halloween haunted house destination so make sure to buy your tickets online so you can skip the box office line at the event.

In 2013 The Fear Experience spent $200,000 upgrading the haunted houses to give you the best possible halloween event in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2014 we will continue to renovate the event and provide our customers with the best possible haunted house experience. When choosing a haunted house in cleveland this halloween season be sure to visit The Fear Experience Haunted House.

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Barber Haunt haunted attraction Barberton Ohio
The BarberHaunt is located in a 100-year old O.C. Barber Pig Barn...and if that's not creepy enough...we have larger, more scarier displays this year for all you big kids that can take the challenge. We dare you to come and face room after room of terror. NEW for 2012 is the clowns of terror! And if you can get through the Barber Haunt the first time you can go through a second time for FREE! Find us on Facebook and don't forget to check in using the Places App for discount deals!
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Chambers of Horror haunted attraction Middletown Ohio
26 plus minutes of Isolated Interaction, Trapped inside your own Horror Movie! With over 30 years running, over 30 original, highly detailed rooms, designed to keep you isolated from other groups and actually scare you, while piping in 25 different soundtracks.

One of the few haunts around where you can still see your favorite horror monsters. Our cast of creatures has been trained to give you the best bang for your buck, by interacting with you and going after the adults instead of just the women and children.

Your 26+ minute Nightmare through the Chambers of Horror is only $13, that’s $.50 per minute vs. others charging $1 or more per minute!

This year will be your last chance to see one of the best haunted houses in action, don’t miss out!

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