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Haunted Houses in Oklahoma

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in Woodward, Eucha, Chouteau, Dewey, Wynnewood, Tulsa, Drumright, Broken Arrow, Muskogee and other areas throughout Oklahoma.

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Nightmare in the Country haunted house in Woodward Oklahoma
Haunted Houses in Woodward Oklahoma : Nightmare in the Country in Woodward Oklahoma
Nightmare in the Country experienced its largest expansion ever last year. Now two haunts in one location. Double the scares and twice as horrendous than before. It's your worst Nightmare times 2!

Nightmare in the Country announces,Mummies & Monsters and Puzzledust's Curse, two complete haunted attractions! Mummies & Monsters is your first adventure in terror that begins in The Haunted Barn with a new horrific edge! Then c ontinue into the underground where the Spencer & Foxworth Archeological Expeditions Corp. has just broken through a secret passage in Misers Mine. A vast ancient underworld awaits where history's spirits have never been so terrifyingly real. You are now in the Temple of Anubis as it unleashes its shocking primeval past . Who is the most evil at Nightmare in the Country? Dr. Merrifield Puzzledust of course. Puzzledust's Curse our second complete attraction allows you access into Puzzledust's inner sanctum. The most frightening experience ever, as you enter his spine-chilling manor, one of the new thrills this year in Puzzledust's Curse. His unsettling manor, the Cemetery of Chills, The Petrifying Forest, The Killingers home and a larger, more startling than ever Kill Mill are all included in this one power packed attraction! You won't believe your eyes and the terror will leave with you this year at Nightmare in the Country! Come on out, Stay a while or maybe a really, really long time. You won't believe what we've done to the place.

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Deadmans Curve Haunted House and Spooktrail haunted house in Eucha Oklahoma
Located in "EERIE" Eucha Oklahoma. This curve is known by all as deadmans curve, over the years there has been alot of accidents,some deadly,and my haunt as been haunted for many years. Theres a huge haunted house,that you might not make it out of....and a spooktrail to die for.....so come one,come all,to the scariest haunt in green country!!
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Frozen Morgue Haunted Attractions haunted house in Chouteau Oklahoma
A once bustling farmhouse is now a place of unspeakable evil. Frozen in time and left to decay it was a well-built monument to a once prominent family in town. Now, rarely is any member of the family seen in the daylight. The family, separated from the outside world, is plunging deeper and deeper into paranoia and madness. The old house, creaking under the weight of its own gloom, seems to beckon the curious to explore is dark corridors. When you enter, you will find the walls themselves seem to come alive as they claw their way through the darkness to find you…
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Killing Frost Productions haunted house in Dewey Oklahoma
Greetings and welcome to Killing Frost Productions... It's Halloween season again ghosts and ghouls, and Killing Frost Productions proudly presents "Borrowed Time” haunted attraction 2015. This will be KFP's 9th season which will prove to be better than ever. This year there will be "2" separate attractions. This includes our "Main Attraction," along with our new "Insane Clown Maze." Come see our new additions and prepare yourself for a “Frightfully” good time.
"Borrowed Time" will be an evening you will never forget. Your fear will be delivered starting October 2nd and finishing out the season on November 1st for "One Last Ride" (Our main attraction at only 1/2 the price!!)
We are once again located at the Washington County Fairgrounds “Arena." The address is 1109 N. Delaware Avenue in Dewey, OK. We are just south of Dewey High School. We are directly behind the Fairgrounds building at the "Arena."
Dates of operation: October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31st, & November 1st (Last Ride)
Ticket booth opens at 7:30PM and closes at 11:30PM (10:30PM on Nov. 1st). Groups start going through around 8:00PM. All customers that purchased tickets before ticket booth closes still get to go through attraction until finished. (Actual starting time of attraction subject to change on any night of operation.) "If you choose to go through again, show your hand stamped at ticket booth and the next trip is only 1/2 price!!!" Groups of 6-10 will start entering the attraction at dark. (Sometimes it may take longer to start attraction due to unforseen issues, so please please be considerate of our efforts to entertain you. We want to give you the best experience possible.)
Be sure to check our website for pricing and anyone interested in helping out this year please contact us by e-mail, and put "Workers" in the subject heading. "We'll Be Scaring You"

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Nightmare at Exit 64 haunted house in Wynnewood Oklahoma
After 3 years of sleepless nights, the nightmare returns to exit 64 at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park. One of the funnest haunted zoos in the country the park will be set for visitors to tour the haunted park starting October 24th through the 31st from 7pm to 10pm. Cost will be $7.00 per person to go through the haunted park. All proceeds from the haunted park will go to help care for unwanted exotic animals housed at the park located in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Don't miss the fun.
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Nightmare Tulsa haunted house in Tulsa Oklahoma
World famous Nightmare presented by Guts Church Tulsa, Ok. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in October.
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Psycho Path Haunted Attraction
Psycho Path Haunted Attraction is located on 40-acres in Sperry, Oklahoma just 10 minutes north of Tulsa. Come take a ride through the haunted woods on a custom-made Scareage™ or try to find your way out of the Rage Cage. Either way, our creatures will have you wondering if you are ever going to find your way home. Tickets: Ride-$18; Rage Cage: $8; Combo: $20; VIP: $40.
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Scream Country Haunted Forest & Haunted House haunted house in Drumright Oklahoma
DRUMRIGHT, OKLAHOMA Open Every Friday & Saturday in October! - Scream Country Haunted Forest, Drumright - You won't want to miss one of Oklahoma's largest outdoor haunted forest, haunted house and corn maze, all new and expanded for 2010! Be ready to scream as you go through Necronomicon Nightmare Haunted House and walk the one mile Camp Blood Forest and Harvest of Darkness Corn Maze, if you dare! This event is designed for adults and children age 12 years and older. Other activities include giant movie screen, full concessions, retail shops and a bakery. Tickets are $18 each for ages 12 and up, and include access to three attractions. Check our website for details and Text "FEAR" to 91011 to win free tickets. Ticket Booth Hours: 7:30pm-11pm. 918-607-FEAR.
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The 13th Ward Haunted Attraction haunted house in Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Tulsa and Broken Arrow's largest Haunted Attraction. With over 30,000 square feet of terrifying entertainment, The 13th Ward submerges you into a chaotic dimension, where savage patients run uncontrolled, and illusions are reality. It is here, under the guise of a rehabilitation facility, that Dr. Thaddeus Munck once subjected some of the world’s most disturbed criminals to illegal, mind-altering experiments and horrendous tortures. Now, these monsters of Dr. Munck’s creation wander in anguish, seeking their revenge for the torments they will forever suffer.
Make no mistake; The 13th Ward is not a haunted house for the faint of heart. Enter Dr. Munck’s domain, cross the threshold into pandemonium, and lose your psyche to its own hallucinations. Surrounded by insanity, at The 13th Ward our goal is to make your blood scream, to leave your soul questioning existence and to bring nightmares to life.
From the moment you hit the parking lot, to the time we allow you to leave, The 13th Ward is truly a fun and exciting experience.

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The Haunted Castle of Muskogee haunted house in Muskogee Oklahoma
Haunted Castle: Entrance to the haunted village is free, watch a street show, bob for apples, play a game, dance or just sit and people watch. Once inside the Haunted Castle grounds you have choices, Halloween Land (no scares' 10 & under), Hay Ride (Family Fun), walk the Trail of Blood (XXXX scares') The Ultimate Maze (outdoor fun), Inside the Castle, Casa Morte a 18th century labyrith, Domas Horrificus(vortex tunnel), and the Torture Chamber(recreation of 16th century tourture devices.
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