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Haunted Houses South Carolina :: Haunted woods, barns, trails and other haunted attractions in South Carolina.

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The Dark Knight's Terror Trail      haunted house in Elgin South Carolina
Haunted Houses in Elgin South Carolina : The Dark Knight's Terror Trail in Elgin South Carolina
Columbia South Carolina's Triple Haunted Attraction For Halloween
Thee Dark Knight's Terror Trail, one of Columbia's oldest haunts has found a permanent home for 2013... fifteen years after scaring our first guests. This year we'll be featuring 3 distinct haunted attractions at one location. Harkening back to our origins, we offer an outdoor haunted trail. We will also have an indoor haunted warehouse, with over ten thousand square feet of horror; and for the second year in a row we will feature a terrifying interactive zombie survival scenario, only for the very fearless. Come see all new scares in a new rural location. We offer discounts for purchase of two or three attractions.

Visit our website for more information, or call (803) 309-5586. Terror Trail 2013 will be located at 2076 Highway Church Road, Elgin South Carolina 29045.

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Nightmare Dungeon Haunted House      haunted house in Greenville, Powdersville Area South Carolina
Haunted Houses in Greenville,  Powdersville Area South Carolina : Nightmare Dungeon Haunted House in Greenville,  Powdersville Area South Carolina
Nightmare Dungeon will be the upstate’s scariest haunted house once again. 3 HAUNTED EVENTS With over 20 wretched horror scenes in the first haunt then the rest is up to you ...., this will be the longest nightmare experience. Expect to be thrilled and chilled over and over again. The Nightmare Dungeon is an old 2 story farm house walk thru attraction featuring many scares and dark tight places. this attraction features a combination of dark tunnels and maze like rooms, digital sound and motivated actors, as well as fine detail and realism. We have added lots of new props, and made many changes for the 2012 season.
Second floor, scares never stop coming, filled with horror, terror, gore, screams, go to The Dungeon of Lost Souls, The Tunnel of Terror attraction takes you through a long underground tunnel underneath the grounds of the old zupan estate, this attraction is guaranteed to produce screams. Haunted Houses in Greenville S.C.

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Butcher Ridge Haunted Trail      haunted house in Chesnee South Carolina
FOURTH YEAR RUNNING! This is our fourth year for Butcher Ridge. Last year was a good year. We hope this year is even better! People are talking about Butcher Ridge. Stories have been past down for years. People say that they have seen many horrors. A wicked witch is said to be lurking on the out skirts of the woods. There are stories of an abandoned mental hospital. Many people have walked through the hospital to try and communicate with the tortured spirits that lurk there. People even say there are patients who never left. There are also reports of a mad butcher and his cannibalistic family who hunt and kill people to eat. People who come by say they have heard loud screams. People going in have vanished and never been heard from again. People living around the woods never dare to go in. Will you? If so join us at Butcher Ridge for a 30 min. Tour of the most insane, nail-biting, heart racing time of your life. CAN YOU MAKE IT OUT...........ALIVE?
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Campground Massacre Haunted House      haunted house in Fort Mill South Carolina
Prepare To Be Scared To Death! Featuring high intensity scares, high tech animatronics, woods, real haunted house, other bldgs., realism.

The Campground Massacre borders North Carolina.

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Darkness Pines      haunted house in Anderson South Carolina
Darkness Pines is a 10 acre halloween entertainment complex in its 6th year of business. It is designed to be enjoyed for an entire evening if you want. We have many features, including: -Haunted Trail swarming with various scary characters. -Hayride telling the Darkness Pines story in an erie setting. -Sideshow Expo* to enjoy while waiting to enter the trail. -Outdoor theater screen to view while waiting to enter the trail. -Various characters roam around the entire grounds. They are there to scare from the moment you enter the parking lot until the time you leave. -Concession stand* offering refreshments. *Additional cost may apply.
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Field of Scream      haunted house in Gaffney South Carolina
Field of Scream is a haunted corn maze that is family friendly during the day. Families and children can come and walk through the maze from noon until 7pm and not worry about the creatures that lurk after dark. When darkness falls, the horror begins. The creatures lurk around every corner. From the time you walk into the maze, through the farm area, back into the corn and into the woods through the haunted mine, you will be stalked by creatures who want to haunt your memories forever! That is, if you make it out! Will you be lucky enough to say you survived the Field of Scream? Come find out... If you dare!!!
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Gallows Hall      haunted house in Greenville South Carolina
4th Annual interactive Haunted Attraction. Directed by the minds behind the Vault Of Horror. This Haunted House is like no other in the area; it is based on actual events surrounding the Salem Witch trails in 1692. Over 7,000 square feet of torment await all who would dare to test their fate in Gallows Hall. * Dates: 14-16,21-23,28-31st * Hours: 7:00pm–Until the last victim passes! * Place: Downtown Greenville (Get Directions). * Contact: The Warehouse Theatre: 864-235-6948 (Or, Send an Email). * Price: $15. Tickets on sale at your local upstate BI-LO store and at the Warehouse Theatre box office (37 Augusta Street). Line bypass tickets available for $20. Group rates also available.
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Ghosts and Legends Theatre, Ghost Walk, and Seance     
Ghosts and Legends Theatre. Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach hosts the most unusual performance attraction to hit the coastline. The first outstanding difference all of the performers are dead! Ghosts and Legends of the Grand Strand is a live action show in which ghosts themselves tell their stories to audience members. Sit in a classic plantation parlor, complete with haunted artifacts from the 1700's and beyond. Ghosts and Legends of the Grand Strand resurrects a varied cast of magnificent characters such as pirates, plantation slaves, heroes, monsters, and of course, lovers. Hours reflect Barefoot Landing operating hours, usually from 10am to 11pm, and ticket prices are $5 for children 4-12 and $8 for adults. Nightly Ghost Walks and a Low Country Seance is available for those who want additional chills! For more information, visit our website or call 843-361-2700 to make your reservations now. Open all year!
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Gilbert's #1 House of Terror      haunted house in Gilbert South Carolina
13 Rooms and 9 nights of frieght. A fun, thrilling, chilling, scary, and adventurous outdoor attraction. Have been entertaining guests for over 13 years. Located in Gilbert, SC. Not recommended for children under 10.
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Greenville Zombie Outbreak Haunted Trail and Zombie Shoot      haunted house in fountain inn South Carolina
Best Haunted Trail in Greenville, SC! Run for your life, shoot zombies, cry like a little girl as the terror of waking up in an world filled with the walking dead that have taken over Greenville South Carolina becomes a reality. This is a haunted attraction that includes a curiosity museum, haunted trail and zombie shoot just one exit past Simpsonville, SC. We are open during Halloween season from dark until the crowds die... Will you survive?
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