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Myrtle Beach Haunted House - Terror Under The Bridge   
Some think this warehouse built in the 1890’s is haunted, and is the area’s only true Myrtle Beach Haunted House. This 8000 square foot, lower river warehouse, is located a few miles from Myrtle Beach. Situated in downtown Conway SC, under the Main Street Bridge on the Riverwalk. This old warehouse was visited by The Ghost Hunters a few years back as they gathered evidence of paranormal activity. Other Myrtle Beach Haunted Houses and North Myrtle Beach Haunted Houses put on shows, but this is the real deal! If you are going to visit only one indoor haunted attraction, dark adventure, or Halloween event, this season….. this is the one you want to see! A fun, thrilling, chilling, scary, yet breath taking and adventurous outdoor haunted attraction. When: 2012 - October 25th- 26th- 27th -28th - 29th, 30th & 31st --- 7:00pm to 11:00pm --- Admission: $10 per person
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Nightmare dungeon   
Nightmare dungeon. This haunt speaks for itself. Check out the website..........
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Nightmare Dungeon Haunted House   
Nightmare Dungeon will be the upstate’s scariest haunted house once again. With over 20 wretched horror scenes, this will be the longest nightmare experience. Expect to be thrilled and chilled over and over again. The picture you see is the actual house. The Nightmare Dungeon is an old 2 story farm house walk thru attraction featuring many scares and dark tight places. this attraction features a combination of dark tunnels and maze like rooms, digital sound and motivated actors, as well as fine detail and realism. We have added lots of new props, and made many changes for the 2012 season. Second floor, scares never stop coming, filled with horror, terror, gore, screams, Get on an old shaft elevator that takes you 300 feet underground to The Dungeon of Lost Souls, The Tunnel of Terror attraction takes you through a long underground tunnel underneath the grounds of the old zupan estate, this attraction is guaranteed to produce screams. Haunted Houses in Greenville S.C.
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Nightmare On Pendleton St.   
2 haunted houses same location 35 ft drop slide in the dark.
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Phantoms Victorian Era Seance Re-Creation   
Using properties actually belonging to Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Phantoms is a re-creation of the Victorian Era Seance in which these two historic figures were both active. This live program takes place in the home of a host or, in a more elaborate version, on a theatre stage.
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RIpley's Haunted Adventure   
Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is an unbelievably scary tour of the old Grimsby & Streaper Casket Company; a firm that was run by the two men since 1891 – until they mysteriously vanished. The disappearance of the two men, as well as many townspeople, combined with the odd happenings in town, was blamed on the fact that the casket company was built over a cave called The Sink, where many entered but never left. Ripley Entertainment acquired the property and has been giving tours of the mysterious building to those brave enough to enter! Live actors and dozens of gory, scary and mysterious scenes and galleries greet all those who take the tour.
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The most thrilling and scariest haunted event in the carolinas, Scarowinds. Scarowinds is at carowinds form 7pm untill 10 pm.
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The Boneyard Trail of Terror   
Into "extreme" hiking in the fall? Then welcome to the BONEYARD, the Upstate's ultimate "Trail of Shear Terror". Where Jason is waiting to greet you at his cabin in the woods above Camp Crystal Lake. Stroll through the "Graveyard" and listen to the screams as you enter the Crematorium and maze your way through. Shop at the "Meat Market", where the Butcher chops and grinds fingers, legs and arms. Next check how scared you are while looking into our mirrors. Just don’t let your soul get lost. Descend into the screams of our mine shaft while Michael Myers quietly waits for you on the other side. Last but certainly not least see Leatherface and his band of walking dead, while our reaper exits you into his bridge of doom. 35 minutes of intense, heart-racing, ear-piercing screams. Before going home you may want to: 1) Check your backseat 2) Check your doorlocks, and 3) Check your friend’s underwear! This is the trail you will be talking about all year! Oct 25-31 Dusk-until
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The Dark Knight's Terror Trail   
Returning to Columbia SC after a 9 year hiatus, This year we'll be featuring 3 distinct haunted attractions under one roof, including a terrifying interactive zombie survival scenario, only for the very fearless. Come see all new scares in a new 100% indoor space. Lower level of Richland Mall, through the Food Court Entrance and turn right to the old Parisians Department Store. Like us on Facebook. For questions, call (803) 309-5586.
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Treedine's Haunted Farm   

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