Texas Haunted Houses in Longview, Austin, Lubbock, Shepherd, Amarillo, SW 6th Ave, Tyler
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Haunted Houses in Texas

The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in Longview, Austin, Lubbock, Shepherd, Amarillo, SW 6th Ave, Tyler and other areas throughout Texas.

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Graystone Haunted Manor haunted attraction Longview Texas
Haunted Houses in Longview Texas : Graystone Haunted Manor in Longview Texas
Back in the 1800's, Dr. Grigor Von Graystone, his wife, and three children fled into exile from their homeland. They settled in Longview, Texas, and lived quietly in their Manor on the hill.

One Hallows Eve, something went wrong - terribly wrong.

Graystone haunted manor offers 3 attractions. Graystone Manor, Oak Raven Cemetery and Dr. Von Grigor's Time Vortex maze. Come and spend a frightful evening with us. Take a stroll through our vendor area. Enjoy our delicious tidbits from our Boneyard Bistro while watching great movies at our outdoor movie theater. We promise to deliver the ultimate scares that will keep you from sleep forever.

September: Fri 27th, Sat 28th
October Fri 4th, Sat 5th, Fri 11th, Sat 12th, Fri 18th, Sat 19th, Sun 20th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th, Sun 27th, Fri 31st
November: Fri 1st, Sat 2nd

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Scare for a Cure haunted attraction Austin Texas
Haunted Houses in Austin Texas : Scare for a Cure in Austin Texas
SCARE for a CURE, utilizing a 100% volunteer staff, designs, scripts, constructs, and presents an interactive multimedia haunted adventure in order to mentor youth and foster volunteerism and community service throughout the Central Texas area. Net profits from the haunted house are donated to local cancer related charities and/or organizations.
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Nightmare On 19th Street haunted attraction Lubbock Texas
West Texas only Halloween four attraction theme park is back bigger and better for 2013
Say goodbye to the Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium and hello to a new perception in fear ...
The Haunted theme park. Located in Lubbock Texas at the Lonestar Events Center at 602 E. 19TH ST. one mile east on the famous "Depot District". Nightmare On 19th Street is a 35 acre theme park featuring FOUR different haunted attractions, a haunted ride, a midway with fun and games, food and beverages, and a haunted store. Check out the website for complete details.

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3 HaunTS haunted attraction Shepherd Texas
3 Haunts, 1 inside and 2 out. Nestled on 13 acres of Terror. We don't do pretty for trick or treat. We are a hard core terror. Voted #1 "In Face Haunt". You and your bait don't walk around horror, you climb, crawl and squeeze to save your wits.
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Amarillo Scaregrounds haunted attraction Amarillo Texas
The demented souls behind Amarillo's oldest and longest running haunted house, Terror on 10th, now bring you Amarillo's Largest Haunted Attraction with 3 haunted houses in 1 location.
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Amarillo Texas - 6th Street Massacre haunted attraction SW 6th Ave Texas
Our building is an actual old movie theater built in the 1920's and is actually haunted. Our resident ghosts were profiled on the Biography Channel's show, My Ghost Story. Our haunted house is becoming popular on a national level as we have been in several publications, including the magazine, "The 13 Hour" and been listed as the #1 haunted attraction in Texas in the book "Haunted Texas: A Travel Guide", by Scott Williams. Ever wished you could be in a Horror Movie? Be careful what you wish for! The 6th Street Massacre looks like a horror movie, feels like a horror movie, until you find yourself trapped in a Horror Movie with no way out. How does it all end? You won't know until the final scene. Come find out what's so big of a deal about 6SM!!!
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Axe of Horror Haunted House haunted attraction Tyler Texas
Axe of Horror presented by Noonday Fire Department for over 24 years. Come visit stay and become a part of our family.
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Boneyard Haunted House
Largest haunted house in Texas! The Boneyard features high tech effects and good old fashioned Blood-n-Guts scare tactics.
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Center City Mayhem haunted attraction Amarillo Texas
Center City Mayhem--Amarillo's Premier Haunted House. Over 50 years ago in the downtown of a growing young city known as Amarillo, a local non-profit built a new center as a beacon of light for the youth & families of Amarillo at 816 Van Buren. Little did they know that underneath the cornerstone of the building laid abandon, decaying brick structures that were built before time was measured, from a time when our fair city was covered by forest & legendary demons roamed the Earth; long before anyone had ever uttered the word, Amarillo. This secret laid dormant until 2007 when the youth center was bought & the AAYC was created... During remodel a group of inexperienced haunters attempted to tame what was found in the depths of Center City Amarillo, they failed and were driven out in November of 2009. A new team emerged to tackle what laid hidden beneath the Center City of Amarillo, what they found can only be described as true MAYHEM.
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Chainsaw Massacre haunted attraction Amarillo Texas
With a 2 hour average wait in the line for our sister haunted house, 6th Street Massacre, we watched many customers leave, not wanting to wait for such a long line. There is now an alternative place to go. Our second location, Chainsaw MASSACRE is located outside the city limits so we don't have to follow any city rules. The reason our lines are so long is because we have so many unexpected surprises every year. The founder started out scaring neighborhood kids for the fun of it on his front porch. 10 years later, after being profiled in magazines, books and the TV show ʺMY GHOST STORYʺ on A&E, he decided to take things to then next level with purchasing acerage to go along with this huge, two story building on the outskirts of Amarillo. Every single scene will be something you've never experienced. This full contact haunted house will be a first for the Texas Panhandle.
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