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Waverly Hills Sanatorium   
Waverly Hills Sanatorium sits on land that was originally purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. Major Hays was in need of a school for his daughters to attend, so he started a one room school house that was located on Pages Lane. He hired a woman named Lizzie Lee Harris to teach at the school. Her love for the tiny school in addition to her fondness for Scott’s “Waverley Novels”, prompted her to name the little school house, “Waverley School.” Major Hays liked the name, and chose to name his property “Waverley Hill.” The Board of Tuberculosis Hospital kept the name after purchasing the land and opening the Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known as, “the most haunted place in the world…” We choose to call it, “the most SPIRITUALLY ACTIVE place in the world.”

We didn’t get that title and reputation for nothing… There is spiritual and paranormal activity happening here every day — all the time.

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McRaven The Most Haunted House In Mississippi!   
McRaven is known by many to be one of the most haunted houses in Mississippi.Walt Grayson of Grayson Family Productions calls McRaven, "The most haunted house in Mississippi". Grayson Family Productions offers 2 different videos featuring McRaven. The first is a video features only McRaven, and gives a complete tour of the house with the history. The second features a number of houses in Mississippi that are haunted, listing McRaven as the most haunted. This page will give you a brief explanation of the mystery behind the haunting so you can answer the question...Is McRaven the most haunted house in Mississippi?

Many a soldier met their maker on the grounds of McRaven. A field hospital was set up during the siege of Vicksburg which accounts for many deaths there. Several mini balls dug up on the grounds bear teeth marks to witness the pain and suffering of these fallen comrades. Also it is believed that at least five of the house's inhabitants over the years died in or near the house. One of these five was John H. Bobb, who built the last section of the house. He died violently at the hands of Federal soldiers outside McRaven. Mary Elizabeth Howard's spirit is said to grace the home also. She is believed responsible for antics of the lamp which sits beside the bed in her bedroom. Her figure has also been seen on the flying wing staircase, and in the dining room. The wedding shawl which belonged to Mary Elizabeth has been known to hand out strange happenings. to some people it emits heat, and in some instances it will almost jump out of a persons hand.

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The Myrtles - Louisiana Haunted - One of Americas Most Haunted Homes   
Louisiana haunted house or Mansion rather is one of Americas Most Haunted Homes.

215 year old National Register home built by General David Bradford, also known as "Whiskey Dave".
Guided History and Mystery Tours offered daily
Full Service Restaurant - Casual or elegant dining in The Carriage House Restaurant.
11 Bed and Breakfast Rooms.
Wedding and reception facilities.
Experience antebellum spendor in "One of America's Most Haunted Homes".

The Myrtles Plantation, circa 1796, invites you to step into the past to experience antebellum splendor. You will see fine antiques and architectural treasures of the South and discover why The Myrtles has been called one of "America's Most Haunted Homes".

The history of the South will always provide us with tales of romance and mystery. The saga of the Antebellum South and a lifestyle that will never be forgotten lives on at this grand mansion. A first glimpse of the mansion with its magnificent double dormers and lacy grillwork of the 120-foot veranda envelopes one with a complete sense of peace and tranquility.

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A A P I - American Associatio of Paranormal Investigators   
American Association of Paranormal Investigators is an assembly of investigators devoted to practicing of the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena. Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. AAPI's purpose is to study the paranormal, research the field and to assist individuals who are unable to deem or understand what lies outside our existing sight.
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Altered Nightmares Ghost Hunts   
Inside a Victorian Era Silk Mill dating back to 1895, with reported paranormal activity, we welcome you in to participate with a Paranormal Investigation Group in the full Ghost Hunt Experience. CAN YOU MAKE IT TILL DAWN?
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Audience Readings in the Chapel - Beyond the Other Side at the Masonic   
Join Psychic Medium Kristy Robinett in the beautiful Chapel of The Masonic in Detroit as she becomes the Messenger Between Worlds and connects to the souls and spirits of audience member's past loved ones. Stay open minded and invite in your loved ones as Kristy connects to the Other Side and passes along messages to you. Kristy will read as many attendees as possible in the two-hour session. Though attending does not guarantee a personal reading, and is not a replacement for one. FREE PARKING in the back of The Masonic. Please print your ticket and bring along. Refreshments will be served in the lobby
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Belleview Biltmore   
In depth look at the Belleview Biltmore hauntings.
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Castle of the Damned   
The Dead have risen and stalk the halls,chambers and dungeons of a real castle by the sea. Ancient demons,monstrous spiders, spectral children, and every nightmare imaginable is brought to vivid life.
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Clay Haus Restaurant, Somerset, Ohio   
Somerset, Ohio is a little German Village that houses Clay Haus Restaurant, a haunted 18th century building. There have been numerous sightings through the years. The Clay Haus hauntings were the subject of a 5 page story in Chris Woodyard's book "Ghost Hunters Guide to Haunted Ohio" and several articles in the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio
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Cobblestone Tours Inc. Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia   
Cobblestone Tours takes you on a leisurely candle-lit walk through some of the most beautiful and haunting areas of Savannah, nominated by the American Institute of Parapsychology as “America’s most haunted city”. Fully licensed and highly trained guides, dressed in costume dating from both the civil war and colonial periods, are reliable, friendly, and courteous in all aspects. Cobblestone Tours has the reputation of providing the most entertaining, informative, and historically accurate walking tours available today. Proprietor James Caskey has also written a book about the ghosts of this charming Southern town called Haunted Savannah; it is the most up to date book on Savannah’s hauntings on the market.
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