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Adopt A Fright   
Adopt some Frights for your sites. They will do your pages well. Must be kept well feed! Created by myself-The Haunter. And my son.
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Alien Entity - Free Desktop Icons   
Free Desktop Iocns from Alien Worlds. Demons, monsters, gothic and more!
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Atomic Monsters   
B-movie monsters of the 1950s, Giant Claw, The Crawling Eye and many more. Atomic features funny reviews, video clips, giveaways, flash animations, b-movie quiz and more! Please visit us today!
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Bad Ass Bat   
Bad Ass Bat, the original (And most recent) character creation of Spike Anarchy. The bat creature clad in punk clothing seems to have deemed himself a site! The site includes art, photos, upcoming conventions, and more!
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Be a Vampire or a Zombie this Halloween   
Zombies and Vampires are popular monsters. Find out which monster you are suited to be this Halloween. Take my quizzes and find great costume and party ideas.
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Buffalo's Hideout   
Welcome to The Hideout, chuck full off Monsters, from Monster Wallpaper, Monster Models, Classic Monsters, and Monster Links. Also Fantasy & SciFi. So come on in and stay awhile, and bring a Monster sized lunch, you'll need it!
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Candle Light Press   
Home of "Numbers: A Tale of Shades and Angels", "Man Is Vox" and "Zoo Force". Info, online comics and more!
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Classic Monsters Online   
Everything to calm down your Classic Horror needs, Clips, tons of pics, tons of info on your favorite monsters like make-up instructions from the great make-up artist, poll, songs, a huge website that is only going to get better !
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Comic Monsters   
Welcome to Comic Monsters. Your number one source for comic book horror news and information! We will have updated news daily from comic books to movies and games, all about the comic book horror genre! Register today and feel free to join in the discussion on the forum. Comic book monster fans unite!
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CreatureScape is a monster modeling magazine on CD ROM published three times a year. A totally unique publication with hundreds of color pictures and dozens of articles on model building, reviews, film articles, kit shows and much more. Sold by subscription only.
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