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1st. German Christopher Lee fanpage   
Performance of 213 films at the moment, with videos, poster, pics, film comments of the fans. Photo, autograph, purchase adress for videos, books, CDs. forum; e-mail address, TV tips, news etc. deutsch/english
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826 Paranormal   
Bridgeport Police Officer James Myers Is 826 Paranormal. He Looks at the unknown through a cop's eyes. He currently is working with Lorraine warren and Ton Spera. Myers is the Lead Investigator and psychic photographer for the New England Society For Psychic Research.
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A.W. Gryphons Witches' Moon Series Site   
This is the website for "Blood Moon" author A.W. Gryphon and her Witches' Moon Series.
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Adrienne Barbeau   
The official Web site for Adrienne Barbeau. Come see what Adrienne is doing in film, theatre, tv, voice, music and more!
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Advertising Hitchcock   
A unique site containing the movie poster artwork from around the world employed to advertise the films of Alfred Hitchcock - currently there are over 500 posters onsite.
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Alabama Ghost Hunters   
We are an investigative team of paranormal researchers based out of south-east Alabama. We investigate all over the state of Alabama but not avaliable for investigations all over the United States. Should you need discrete, respectable, investigators with state of the art technology please contact us today. We're here to help!
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Alfred Hitchcock and His Writers   
Steven DeRosa's site concentrates on Hitchcock's collaborative relationship with his screenwriters, and offers information on the forthcoming book WRITING WITH HITCHCOCK. Read script excerpts and essays.
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All About Cybernetics!   
Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary study of the structure of regulatory systems. Cybernetics is closely related to control theory and systems theory. Both in its origins and in its evolution, cybernetics is equally applicable to physical and social systems.
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Amy Lynn Best   
Official Website of Amy Lynn Best
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An Author's Journal   
Home of controversial author and micropress publisher, Nickolaus Pacione. Writings From The Grave is maintained by the man himself and he's been writing since October of 1990. The publisher behind the Tabloid Purposes anthologies and The Ethereal Gazette Magazine. The website emerged in 1997 while he was still 20 years of age -- one of his short stories invaded Clive Barker's website in 2000. This will contain information about his short stories, books, anthologies he edited and links to his magazine as well. (Writings From The Grave is spread out now but this is the journal.)
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