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Official website of Haunted Lily author Sidney Fox
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Stare Into The Void   
A site devoted to Rev, vocalist of Into Darkness. Lots of pics and interactive stuff.
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Stephanie Beaton's Homepage   
Come check out the Hottest "Scream Queen" around! Look thru photos, bio, resume, fan club and my latest projects. Starred in over 17 films, plus NBC films and music videos. Check it out!
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Stephen Gallagher author/director   
Website of the novelist, screenwriter and director whose credits include Chimera, Oktober, Nightmare with Angel, and Red, Red Robin. News, stories, and a hidden easter-egg page with some rare and hitherto unseen Doctor Who material.
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Stephen R. George Website   
Website of horror author Stephen R. George and his pseudonym Jack Ellis. Includes bibliography, FAQ, interview, and gruesome details about writing, editors, agents, advances, etc.
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Steve Santini Deals From The Darkside   
The offical site of Santini: The Dark Master of Escape who presents lethal SAW type tests of escape and is also the star of SyFy's show, "Deals From The Darkside"
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Steven E. Wedel   
The official Web site of author and journalist Steven E. Wedel. Contains information on his horror novels, short stories and book signings.
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Official site of independent producer/director Stevin Kassle
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Strange Tales   
The official web presence of UK horror writer Mark West, author of "Strange Tales" and the novel "In The Rain With The Dead"
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Syn DeVil   
Actress & model Syn DeVil's website. Pictures , info & much more
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