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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - Official Website   
The one and only Official Webssite for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
(modified: 20-Sep-1999 + 1493)

Eric Red -- Master of Horror   
Eric Red's movie's, comics and current projects. Also, how the Hitcher was created!
(modified: 18-Jan-2006 + 663)

Erlenmeyer Flask   
Online store of horror laboratory supplies and erlenmeyer flask great prices and worldwide shipping.
(modified: 26-Jun-2009 + 332)

Estrup Books   
True stories of war and other violence, past and present. Child abuse, mindless killing, high tech horrors, exotic locales, bizzare situations
(modified: 21-Apr-2007 + 532)

Everette Hartsoe director   
creator of the successful cult comic book RAZOR, Everette Hartsoe is now opening a line of Horror Movies for his company Synister Pictures in Las Vegas, NV
(modified: 2-Jun-2006 + 608)

Everything You Wanted to Know about Udo Kier   
A fan created unofficial website for the fans of German cult actor Udo Kier
(modified: 8-May-2003 + 970)

F. Javier Gutierrez's Official Site   
The Official Site of the spanish filmmaker, winner of Sitges 2001 and Silver Melies 2002 to the Best European Fantastic Short Film - news, projects, awards, festivals, links, etc.
(modified: 11-Mar-2006 + 639)

Felissa Rose - The Official Website   
Official website of Actress Felissa Rose, star of the 1983 cult horror classic "Sleepaway Camp!"
(modified: 29-Nov-2005 + 915)

Feo Amante's Guide To World Horror Convention 2001 (WHC 2001)   
It's back! The hilarious and irreverant guide to your favorite horror authors. Michael Slade, Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli, Charlee Jacob, Sephera Giron, Mark McLaughlin, Tim Lebbon, Brian Keene, Geoff Cooper, Michael Oliveri, Michael T. Huyck, John Urbancik, Rain Graves, GAK, Chad Hensley, Joseph Nassise, Gene O'Neill, Feo Amante and many more!
(modified: 15-Sep-2001 + 943)

Fiction Prodigies And legends - The book   
The official site for the new collection of in depth author interviews some of which include Joe R. Lansdale, Anne Rice, David Moody, and Scoot Nicholson.
(modified: 4-Sep-2008 + 247)

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