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Tokyo Vampire   
Tokyo Vampire is a heartbreaking horror story of a vampire’s last confession before he goes into the sun. This is a kinder, gentler vampire-a superhero of the underworld-waxing philosophical about life and death as he recounts his tragic romance with his Dark Lady.
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Transitions: A Vampire Web Series   
Transitons a vampire webseries that follos Ed Loomis as he makes the transition of being a mortal to a super natural. Produced by Ream Enterprises and an all volunteer cast and crew.
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TrueForm Within   
Trueform Within is a modern vampire, therian, otherkin, & occult resource. Trueform is a personal and diverse community, as well as an organized and informational resource for alternative lifestyles.
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A site for the overly obsessed Twilight fan! News, exclusives, interviews, info, one of the largest image gallerys, an amazing forum and more! Chris and Geo bring you the first LIVE Twilight Talk Show and Bite Me: The Video Twilight Podcast!
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Underwood and Flinch: A free vampire novel podcast   
Underwood and Flinch is a novel, written and read by the author, Mike Bennett. For hundreds of years, the eldest born male member of the Flinch family has become servant and guardian to the vampire, Lord Underwood. In 1958, a world-weary Underwood lies down to rest for fifty years. Now the time has come for his resurrection, and role of guardian has fallen to David Flinch, a man raised outside the family tradition of service and homicide, and who would happily pass the job on to his sister, Lydia. Until he realizes that Lydia has a zeal for death that that goes beyond family tradition, and even beyond Underwood himself.
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Valeria is a graphic novel about a young, college graduate, who moves to a new city with her friend to start a new life but their plans are derailed one moonlit night by a centuries old Vampire curse.
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Vamp's Casket   
There is a short story about my "life" as well as original poetry and beautiful artwork.
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vampire heaven a great website for vampire the masquerade bloodlines fans. we have downloads great mods screenshots and a website that with a great forum that have been running for 3 years now
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VampGirl's Web Resource. This site contains vampires, galleries, picture of the week, vampire book review of the week, software downloads, 3D Avatars, chat, forum, links and more.
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