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Vampire :: are they myth, legend, real or all of those things. Take a journey into the realm of the Vampire with the many sites to see on

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vampire heaven a great website for vampire the masquerade bloodlines fans. we have downloads great mods screenshots and a website that with a great forum that have been running for 3 years now
(modified: 23-Dec-2004 + 1195)   
VampGirl's Web Resource. This site contains vampires, galleries, picture of the week, vampire book review of the week, software downloads, 3D Avatars, chat, forum, links and more.
(modified: 7-May-2001 + 7959)

Vampieq's Coffin   
frightvision, monster bash, chiller, monster movies, vlad tepes and the miftis.
(modified: 26-Jun-2002 + 964)

A small website with a brief view of different cultures vampires and a list of books and movies about vampires, also with a couple quotes about vampires.
(modified: 10-Feb-2009 + 328)

Vampire Ads   
A page I put together with photos and scans of various vampire ads in magazines and TV commercials. Contributions and additions to my page are always "velcome"!
(modified: 13-Apr-2001 + 1383)

Vampire Cabbie   
Website for book by Fred Schepartz about a vampire who is forced to become a cab driver
(modified: 16-Nov-2007 + 350)

Vampire Chronicles - Armand, Marius, Lestat & Louis   
I have chosen my four favorite vampires from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. These being the Vampires Armand, Lestat, Marius and Louis. Within these pages you will find free Vampire email accounts, The Night Island Message Board and Merchandise. Vote on my Video game poll. I hope you find that which you seek and enjoy!
(modified: 28-May-2003 + 1136)

Vampire Domain   
#1 online vampire community!
(modified: 9-Jul-2007 + 551)

Vampire Dreams   
Dark Art (photography, digitally enhanced images, poems). Articles on real vampirism, entertaining activities, usefull links, home of the Dangerous Heaven Clique and a dark environment. A must for vampire addicted / vampire related.
(modified: 17-Nov-2000 + 26113)

Vampire Fiction Book Reviews   
LoveVampires Book Review site reviews a selection of vampire books, including works by authors such as Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Tom Holland, Sherrilyn Kenyon, John Polidori, Tate Hallaway, Katie MacAlister, Susan Sizemore, Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison. Reviews range from works of classic vampire fiction such as Carmilla and The Vampyre to Undead and Unwed in the paranormal vampire romance genre.
(modified: 27-Aug-2006 + 632)

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