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bite me magazine   
for fans of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and things that go bump in the night.
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Black Bayou   
The home of Black Bayou, an online horror rpg focused on things that go bump and howl in the night. From vampires to were wolves, lamia to demons, you'll find it here. Our first annual convention dedicated to growing the game, meeting the characters, and just having a little wicked fun.
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Blade 2   
The official website for the movie starring Wesley Snipes as Blade.
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A new, high-quality vampire webisode.
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Blind Negative   
Brujah, carnage, infernalism, all traits of this vampire girl.
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Blood Times 2 (BX2)   
Twin sisters that become vampires in current times.
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The largest vampire genre web site in the UK! A massive resource which celebrates the fictional vampire in all it's guises, from it's early days right up to the delights of BladeII. Galleries, Poetry forum, Exclusive Vampire fiction, including Online Movie Theatre, Monthly interviews with writers of the genres (inc Laurell K Hamilton) More vampire stuff than you can shake a stick at! Beautiful graphics and easy-read links. Come visit!
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Bloodvials Custom Blood Vial Jewelry   
The Ultimate supply of custom blood vial jewelry! Site allows you to create you Own Design! Nobody beats our quality. Nobody beats our price!
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boutique du vampyre   
The Place where Vampire shop. We feature everything from poison rings and pendants to candles to perfume to game to books.
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Carter's Crypt   
Home page of vampire specialist and horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance author Margaret L. Carter, with many vampire links and information on ordering the discontinued fanzine THE VAMPIRE'S CRYPT.
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