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ChaozGalleriez sells original sexy vampire art on a variety of products like t-shirts, mugs, prints, buttons, wall clocks, pillows and more! Also offers a wickedly erotic vampire adventure novel, Cyprien's Rhapsody.
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Club Dracula   
Greetings, Beloved Immortals. Come meet your Brethren, explore and expand your Dark Art, revel in your inspired sentience.
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Coffin Girls   
Were they vampires, or is that just local myth? Did they even come to New Orleans, or is that too the stuff of legend? New Orleans myth, reality, and dark resources. Coffin Girls also offers original girly tees in a variety of styles for the stylish vamp.
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Countess Vladimira   
The Countess Is Waiting
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Vampire, Clan information & etc.
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Creative Creatures Presents   
Gothic/Dark Poetry Ebooks, Horror Ebooks, Children's Ebooks, Author/Poet/Illustrtator Guild
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Crimson - Newly Released Vampire Movie   
Newly released horror film now available on DVD. Four nursing students return home from a night of partying to find their house being attacked by vampires.
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Custom Fangs   
Simply the hottest custom fangs in the World! Now as low as 11.95! Special thanx to for linking with us!
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Custom Vampire Killing Kits   
Handmade vampire killing kit replicas and props by renowned artist Matt Shirley.
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D.W.M. Designs   
D.W.M. Designs creates custom jewelry from Gothic to Vampire jewelry,we also have free Fonts & Games too!
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