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Vampire :: are they myth, legend, real or all of those things. Take a journey into the realm of the Vampire with the many sites to see on

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Danse MAcabre   
Danse Macabre Is a fansite for Horror Author Laurell K Hamiltion and Anita Blake,The Master Vampire Jean Claude and Alpha Werewolf Richard,my site includes links,quotes from the books,updates,
(modified: 5-Apr-2002 + 943)

Dark Adventures of Gothman   
An online comic detailing the misadventures of the Gothic semi-superhero Gothman, and his coven of misfits. Goth humor at it's worst!
(modified: 14-Sep-2004 + 739)

Dark Commandos   
A live-action Internet series about a military unit of the government consisting of vampires.
(modified: 12-Oct-2000 + 1010)

Dark Realm   
Erotic poetry, pics, new talent, jokes and vampire lore
(modified: 20-Sep-2001 + 2344)

Dark Thoughts Magazine   
Submission based hard copy magazine. Vampire/gothic themes
(modified: 13-Mar-2008 + 556)

Contemporary and Classic Horror. Fiction By Yvonne Navarro. Fiction By New Writers.
(modified: 29-Mar-2000 + 4603)

A Dark Community Site For Modern Day Vampires,Hybrids And Otherkin,Our Community Is Evergrowing And Looking For Likeminded Individuals Who Are Interested In Sharing Their Thoughts And Experiences And Helping Other Grow Who Are Also In The Vampire,Hybrid And Otherkin Lifestyle.
(modified: 1-May-2009 + 434)

Darkness Embraced Vampire and Occult Society   
Non-hierarchical structured society that encompasses all vampire, occultists, curious seekers, or those who are simply interested in the realisations of the myths, legends, films, books, music, and various other spiritual realms surrounding our culture. Top 100, Banner Exchange, etc.
(modified: 26-Sep-2007 + 1436)

Enter the Darkness for free email, enter the dark board for vampires, magick, werewolves, witches,warlocks and otherkin of all breeds. Webmasters get web design resources. Purchase bloody mercandise in the Dark Shop. Do you seek the dark gift, the wolf's bite or all the power of good and evil? Well come visit me I am the Vampire Darkness and you are welcome in the shadows of my sanctuary.
(modified: 16-Jan-2004 + 972)

Dispelling the myth and misconceptions of the modern day real vampire, articles, chat, forums and general interaction and support for those new to, already established or curious regarding the vampiric lifestyle
(modified: 11-Apr-2004 + 1076)

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