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Hollywood Vamp Page   
A page dedicated to vampyres and all things vampiric! Links, jokes, poetry and more to come!
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Home of The Theatre of the Night   
Vampyre themed clothing, makeup, perfume and other accessories, literature as well as graphics of the highest order, all for your pleasure.
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House Crimson Blade   
Welcome to the Web Site of Mississippi's largest Dark Society. We welcome with open arms those that have been cast out by their mundane brethren. In our circle we have many different personalities and characters. We are Basset, Blood Fae ,Lupin, Pranic, Sanguins and a few others thrown in the mix.
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House Prytania   
It is our mission here at House Prytania to offer a safe and supportive place for all those interested in Arcane and Esoteric matters. Be it Vampire and Otherkin support and information, Witchcraft, Philosophical studies, or Astronomy and Astrology.
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Hunting Shadows - Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga   
"Hunting Shadows - Book One In The Drexus Tavosn Saga" by Melissa J. Vivigatz - A fantasy adventure on a tropical, alien planet. An esoteric journey through politics, religion and bigotry. The personal struggle of a tortured soul, a reluctant warrior. A ‘Tolkien-esque’ vampire tale unlike any other, enter a haunted world where nights last three days and the people were never human. Artwork, excerpts & autographed books.
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In Flesh and Spirit   
Chronicling the ongoing saga of Baron Misuraca, vampire (b.1267 d.1305 b.2008) and his array of femme fatales, Overtone Comics proudly unleashes the undead odessy that is In Flesh and Spirit. Issue #1 (featuring art by Vampirella artist Alex Horley) is available now for inhuman consumption! Sink your teeth into our official site.
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Jessi's Candles   
Halloween Candles, Interview With The Vampire Movie Pages, Homemade and Unique Candles.
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Jessica Barone's Official Website   
Official Website for novelist Jessica Barone.
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A blend of occult mystery and high-tech action-adventure set in an amoral, noirish world of mobsters, intelligence agents and vampires, Krymsin Nocturnes spins a tale that spans centuries, set in a richly drawn universe all too much like our own.
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La Bal Masqué Nocturne   
You are cordially invited to attend The Inaugural La Bal Masqué Nocturne gothic vampyre masquerade ball! Saturday, October 28, 2006, from 8PM to Midnight in Phoenix, AZ. Join us for a decadent dessert buffet, Gothic music and laser light show, Vendors, a Coffin Raffle, Costume Judging, Door Prizes, and more! Tickets on Sale Now! 18+ ID Required! $50 per person / $95 per couple (Save 23% before October 1st! When prices will be $65 per person!) A portion of the proceeds will benefit The American Cancer Society.
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