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UFO Magazine   
Everything you never knew about those scary things that go unidentified in the night. Read it and be amazed at what's *really* out there!
(modified: 31-May-2007 + 454)

A shopping experience that's not for stiffs. Features books, videos, t-shirts & more that explore the humorous depths of death. Items include jewelry (casket, hearse and tombstone cufflinks & tie tacks), scale models (hearses, ambulances, flower cars and cemetery scenes) hot sauces (Dead Heat Hot Sauce and Rigor Mortis Hot Sauce) and office desk accessories (casket paperweights and business card holders). You can even send a loved one into space for only $995.00!
(modified: 24-Mar-2006 + 1346)

Unexplained Mysteries   
Daily news, photographs gallery and forum community dealing with the weird, the bizarre and the paranormal. Covers ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, government conspiracies, weird science and the possibilities of alien life in the universe.
(modified: 25-Mar-2004 + 4615)

Voices in my Hand   
Voices in my Hand is the home of two web-based comic strips "Weird Theorem" and "VIMH", both horror-sci-fi-paranormal inspired strips that are edgy and funny!
(modified: 28-Oct-2001 + 1770)

Voodoo Wizard   
For the latest in New Orleans authentic real Voodoo dolls,Voodoo dolls made in Old Salem, North Carolina by local craftsmen and practitioners, and other Authentic Hand Crafted Real Voodoo dolls check with the Wizard. New original Voodoo dolls are coming in daily. Handmade, no molds are used. Each Voodoo doll unique, and specially crafted, with natural local materials, and mystic spices, herbs, consecrated soil, and Spanish moss.
(modified: 17-Jan-2002 + 867)

Urban legends and modern mythology as well as news articles on the paranormal, cryptozoology and more. All things creepy are welcome, come add your scary tales to our database!
(modified: 1-Feb-2006 + 798)

Weird & unusual items   
A new site devoted to finding bazaar and unusual items that have a horrific or unbelievable story attached to them
(modified: 21-Sep-2008 + 481)

Weird Lectures   
Weird Lectures is proud to present Researcher, Archivist, Author and Lecturer John E.L.Tenney for your organization, club, class or special event. If you think your group would enjoy an engaging and thought-provoking lecture, then you should request one! John Tenney's columns have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs. He has been interviewed extensively on radio and television. John has been actively involved in the field of paranormal/conspiratorial research for well-over a decade. The Great Lakes Ghost Society and the Michigan Anomalous Information Network were founded in 1996 by Mr.Tenney in order to provide an open forum of ideas for those individuals seeking information regarding occurrences and news events that have their basis in the "Paranormal."
(modified: 27-Jul-2002 + 1230)

Weird Travels   
A group of people that travel around searching for the strange and paranormal. With Ghost light pictures and a little bit of humor.
(modified: 27-Sep-2006 + 783)

Weird USA   
All things weird about the USA! Ghosts, hauntings, sites to see, and much more!
(modified: 22-Jul-2000 + 1346)

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